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The Mentor in Your Business Career

Johann Lohrmann is an award-winning business analyst who specializes in increasing a company’s bottom line through strategic planning, analysis and creative thought. He holds a BA in Communications. defines a mentor as:

1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter.

My first professional job was with WTVI-TV. WTVI-TV is a PBS affiliate and one of the best lessons I learned was the power of mentorship. There, I was surrounded by award-winning talent that included writers, directors, producers and crew. These were guys who had decades of experience.

The job of the mentor is to serve as a guide. He is there to support and offer his wisdom. He’s also required to learn from his protégé. Now, it sounds odd to think of a mentor learning from his protégé but think about it for a minute. Would you want a mentor who is not open and capable of learning?

The job of the protégé is to listen and ask questions. He is charged with learning as much as he can on his own and from his mentor. He is required to teach his mentor what he knows.

Remember, that one day the protégé will become a mentor. The best case scenario for a mentor/protégé relationship is where both are direct, open and leave their egos at the door.

Interested in learning more about mentoring? Check out these sites.

Johann Lohrmann
The Useful Research Blog | Effective research that you can use.

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What to Look for in Website Design Company: Ask the Right Questions to get the Right Answers

Johann Lohrmann is an award-winning business analyst who specializes in increasing a company’s bottom line through strategic planning, analysis and creative thought. He holds a BA in Communications.

I am by trade in the communications business and am paid to understand how people think and share information.

Technology scares otherwise confident men. I’ve had executive level gentlemen express their disdain for websites and the technology behind them. These successful men know they need a website but they’re unsure even where to begin.

Frequently I get the ‘I’m too old to learn a new system’ lament.  Part of this fear comes from being afraid of making a wrong decision. Ok. Understood. The list of fears could be endless.

Let’s tackle this from another angle. What if you could learn to ask better questions?

A healthy infusion of knowledge and information can put those fears to rest. Here’s my list of what you should do to prepare. Your preparation is paramount to the success of your website. Before I hire any company I conduct my own due diligence.

Here’s How You Take Control of those Private Concerns.

1. I don’t speak ‘web’ and that (privately) terrifies me. I don’t want to get ripped off.

Solution: Review the potential website company’s past work. Why? If you like their past work then there’s a good chance you’ll like the options they give you.

2. I know that I should have a website but am not sure what it will do for me.

Solution: Having an online presence is mandatory today. If you don’t have one your customers may wonder if you’re still in business.  You’ll also be missing out on tremendous opportunities to promote your goods and services and help generate revenue.

3. I don’t have time to learn new technology or I simply have no interest in learning technology or how to build a website.

Solution: Ask the company on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most difficult) how hard it is for a novice to learn the system.
If you’re not interested in learning or editing your content, say so up front. Otherwise, it could cost you a pretty penny down the line.

4. I’m concerned about costs and what I can do to control it.

Solution: Get the proposal in writing. Know upfront exactly what you’re paying for, the estimated time of delivery and how you will be kept up-to-date on your project.

5. I’ve done some homework and frankly, I am overwhelmed with the amount of information.

Solution: Know exactly what will be expected of you. Here’s what to ask.

  • Ask the prospective website design company if you will need to provide content (writing, images and/or video?)
  • Ask about the company’s deadlines and what your deadlines are. Make a note of your deadlines and do everything to keep them.
  • Ask the website design company to list out the process for you.

Look at these questions and bookmark this article. When you ask the right questions, you give yourself a platform of confidence. And yes, one hallmark of a good website company is they give you the space to ask questions.

Johann Lohrmann
The Useful Research Blog | Effective research that you can use.

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Mobile Apps Vs. Mobile Websites

Johann Lohrmann is an Atlanta-based, Emmy-nominated and multiple Silver Telly award-winning documentary film producer who currently conducts B2B research for well-established businesses.

AM vs. FM.
Beta vs. VHS.
SD vs. HD.
Flash vs. HTML.
Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites.

This isn’t a new discussion. The formats may change but the question of how to best deliver information hasn’t. Open for debate is how to deliver information and entertainment on the go. Some are predicting that mobile apps will eventually devoured by all things web. Others believe that mobile apps will allow for even more target/niche marketing.

The Basics

Mobile Website– a smaller version of a main website that is on your mobile device.  Think of accessing the Internet on your phone and then going to

Mobile App– program that is downloaded to a specific device, typically for a specific reason. Examples of the devices include iPhone/iTouch, iPad, Android, Blackberry….

An example of a mobile app is Locate Wi-Fi anywhere. It’s essentially a directory of international hotspots. We’re talking 140 countries so it’s perfect for the traveler.

For the past few years there’s been something of a debate between the better of the two. As with most items Internet related, it really depends on the user’s end goals.

Here are three considerations when venturing down the mobile app vs. the mobile web road.

The Considerations

1. Are you interested in reaching the masses or reaching a target/niche audience?

If you’re interested in reaching the masses then a mobile website is the way to go. A mobile website gives you another channel of contact in addition to your website.  Don’t be misled with the idea of a target audience here.

If you’re interested in reaching a target/niche audience then you’ll want to take advantage of the mobile app. Typically, there are three ways a user will learn of a particular app: invitation through beta testing, online via desktop (or online in general) or through a search on a mobile device.

Ok, so there were some obvious statements made there but think about how your audience finds you. Well-known sites liked LinkedIn and Facebook are the exception to this rule.

2. Think about it from the user’s point of view.

If you want the user to use an app for a specific task or for a limited number of tasks, then use a mobile app. The functionality of a mobile app works well within a device’s native application and the bonus is an Internet connection is not always required.

If you want to deliver content, then mobile websites are certainly the way to go. Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! make it fairly easy to enable the mobile website feature on the backend of a website.

3. The Start-up Costs and the Return on Investment

Cost is a factor that should be considered when weighing the pros and cons of using a mobile app vs. mobile web. Of course, cost takes different forms. There’s the education factor and then the dollar amount.

If you’re already building a website (especially on one of the popular CMS platforms) then it’s relatively easy to activate the mobile website element. In the long-term mobile websites typically cost less and are easier to maintain. When a change is made to the parent website a change is also made to the mobile website.

Contrast the mobile website with the mobile app.  With a mobile app you are limited when it comes to the do-it-yourself option.  As well, a mobile app that works on an iPhone will not work in its particular form. To put it to you another way, you’ll need a developer to produce an app for each device. And if you want to update the mobile app then you’ll need to work with a developer to do so.

The Takeaway

The Idea Mobile App Mobile Web
The Basics Produced for a specific task (Angry Birds). Smaller version of your website (CNN Mobile).
Your Audience Reaching the masses. Targeted/Niche audience.
User’s Experience Specific Task (Games, entertainment, device utilities….) Delivering content including services and information.
Start-up, ROI Easy to activate off popular CMS platforms.
Not expensive to maintain overtime.
Each mobile device needs to have its own mobile app.
Can be expensive to change app overtime.

Mobile Website

Mobile Website

Your Audience

Your Audience

Mobile App
Mobile App


Johann Lohrmann
The Useful Research Blog | Effective research that you can use.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Market Research

1. The Age. This is the information age. You need information to do your job. Without information, you’re driving in the dark. Without headlights. And that’s dangerous.

2. The Right Information. You need access to the right information. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s accurate. Market Research sifts through the information overload and the clutter. It brings you closer to your goal.

Atlanta Market Research Imagination

Atlanta Market Research Imagination

3. Pity the Imagination. The information you think is right may not be. Use your imagination as a part of the creative process. Use Market Research to drive your business.

4. Where’s your Audience? You won’t find your audience by simply declaring you’re open for business. How do you know where your audience lives? You have to ask. And a Market Researcher knows how to ask.

5. The Resources. A Market Researcher has accesses to public, private and pay for information databases, archives and analytical tools. We’ve already navigated through the mining field. That’s one of our strengths. This means you can now fully focus on your strengths and grow your business.

Atlanta Market Research Resources

Atlanta Market Research Resources

6. Your Imaginary Moving Targets. How do you know what to shoot for if you don’t have a baseline? Market Research provides a baseline, benchmark and a target. Otherwise, any path will take you there. And the last thing you need is to wander around the forest alone.

7. Reach Your Audience. Your clients want to know that you think of them beyond a payment plan. Understand your client’s market place, help them grow and they’ll stay with you. Market Research knows your client’s industries and their verticals as well. After all, solutions from one industry can apply to others.

8. Show You Care. It’s easy to collect a paycheck or two. Show that you really care about your clients by caring about their market space.

Atlanta Market Research Your Path

Atlanta Market Research Your Path

9. Strengthen Your Position. When you know your market then you can increase awareness about your market. That means your advertising, web pages, social media, blogs and your community outreach gets stronger and better.

10. Know Where You’ve Been. Anticipate where you’re going. Market research gives you insight to where you, your industry and your competition have been. When you know where you’ve been you’ll be able to spot the patterns for the future.

Do you need Market Research? Are you sure that it’s effective and increasing your bottom line?

Johann Lohrmann Director of Research
Bringing Research to Life for Businesses

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Sharing Information

Information changes lives. It can provide a non-profit with access to funds. It can do the same for the struggling college student. It can shed light on a previously unidentified vertical. When I first discuss research with my clients some of them are very protective of their information.

Yes, some information needs to be protected and there are private matters that remain so. But, there are other times when information needs to be shared.

This really is about intent. If you want to help someone, do it. You’ll find it gives you a shot of confidence and it does the same for the person in need. It moves them closer to their target. That’s good for business and it’s good for relationships.

Being stingy with information hurts you. It’s selfish and will kill your business. Trust me, I’ve seen this numerous times.

Think of how information has helped you. Information probably helped you land your job. It helped you push through some of the tougher moments in your life. Information helps you grow and adapt. Yes, Information is power. Share your knowledge.

Johann Lohrmann
Bringing Research to Life for Businesses

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A Roadmap to Success- Channeling Napoleon Hill

Research provides a roadmap to success. Think about the phrase. Research provides a roadmap to success. Those are strong words that will light the match of curiosity. The goal of research is to find an answer or at least a possible answer.

One way I look for answers is through being a part of a group. I belong to a Napoleon Hill Mastermind Networking Group. We meet every Thursday at a specific time and place. There isn’t an agenda- per se. Discussion of the prior week, an idea or thought that was had and general thoughts are welcomed and encouraged. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed.

What becomes quickly evident is the power of research. All of us who sit around the table have our own areas of expertise and interest. One of my abilities is in seeing the macro application of an idea. Another fellow easily applies his background logistics to answer and explore the question at hand.

All of us have different ways of communicating and exploring ideas. What makes the group strong is the ability to apply the individual interests and talents to find a successful solution.

Do you have a group where you can openly and freely discuss ideas? Having a group provides a way for new connections to be made and friendships developed. Research is just one way of finding a possible solution. Think about this question. What are some other ways that will provide a roadmap to a solution?

To learn more about Napoleon Hill visit

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Just Seize the Day, Will Ya?

One of my friends frantically called me the other day. It was work related and she was under the gun. From the tone of her voice I knew it was important. She asked for my help and when a friend asks for help, you’re there. Foxhole and all.

Being the research wonderboy that I am, I listened and then told her the search terms to use. I then walked her through the process on how to find exactly what she wanted. If she doesn’t know what to research, then she probably does not know how to use the right tools.

Research involves strategy and the ability to communicate one’s thoughts. Maybe that communication comes in the form of a video, an article, a giant spreadsheet complete with graphs and charts. The goal is to put research into action. (Industry folks know this as actionable research and actionable intelligence).

Even though it was an easy find for me it was a difficult find for my friend. Then again, I’m not an nurse and there is zero chance that I would ever find nursing as a reasonable career move. My friend did the right thing. She knew she had to find something and she called me. What she didn‘t do was quit.

A good researcher will not quit and will not give up. If he doesn’t find the information then he will continue to dig. He also knows how to find someone who can help him.

Of course, this applies to every day life. Sure all of us have had an economically rocky couple of years. But, you don’t quit. You keep plugging away and following that precious strategy.

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