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Even the Turtles Understand the Power of Research

Mr. Turtsle understands the power of research. Do you?

Mr. Turtsle

Mr. Turtsle

Mr. Turtsle

Mr. Turtsle

Mr. Turtsle

Mr. Turtsle


Johann Lohrmann
Director of Research
Bringing Research to Life for Businesses


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Peanuts, Technology, Video Production & Oddities

Topics of Research
Most of my research is business driven. I find it exciting. You’ll probably find it boring. Anyway, I do receive some rather strange requests and here is a sampling of what I found today. Enjoy!

Health: Benefits of Peanuts. There were several items in the news today that discussed the myths of peanut allergies.

Topic – Technology. Test drive it to see how it works. Cool site that features Text-to-Movie. Yep, it’s exactly as the title says- text to movie about time. Animation driven.

Topic- Video Production. Karen Everett is the owner of New Doc Editing. I’ll tell you this, if you’re interested in learning more about the right way to produce documentaries head to her site. Ohh, and sign up for her emails.

Topic – Oddities. A blog devoted to all things odd. The site has everything from 15 Embarrassing Moments in Cheerleading, 12 Most Bizarre Fines Ever and the World’s Largest Chocolate Bar.

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A Roadmap to Success- Channeling Napoleon Hill

Research provides a roadmap to success. Think about the phrase. Research provides a roadmap to success. Those are strong words that will light the match of curiosity. The goal of research is to find an answer or at least a possible answer.

One way I look for answers is through being a part of a group. I belong to a Napoleon Hill Mastermind Networking Group. We meet every Thursday at a specific time and place. There isn’t an agenda- per se. Discussion of the prior week, an idea or thought that was had and general thoughts are welcomed and encouraged. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed.

What becomes quickly evident is the power of research. All of us who sit around the table have our own areas of expertise and interest. One of my abilities is in seeing the macro application of an idea. Another fellow easily applies his background logistics to answer and explore the question at hand.

All of us have different ways of communicating and exploring ideas. What makes the group strong is the ability to apply the individual interests and talents to find a successful solution.

Do you have a group where you can openly and freely discuss ideas? Having a group provides a way for new connections to be made and friendships developed. Research is just one way of finding a possible solution. Think about this question. What are some other ways that will provide a roadmap to a solution?

To learn more about Napoleon Hill visit

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Just Seize the Day, Will Ya?

One of my friends frantically called me the other day. It was work related and she was under the gun. From the tone of her voice I knew it was important. She asked for my help and when a friend asks for help, you’re there. Foxhole and all.

Being the research wonderboy that I am, I listened and then told her the search terms to use. I then walked her through the process on how to find exactly what she wanted. If she doesn’t know what to research, then she probably does not know how to use the right tools.

Research involves strategy and the ability to communicate one’s thoughts. Maybe that communication comes in the form of a video, an article, a giant spreadsheet complete with graphs and charts. The goal is to put research into action. (Industry folks know this as actionable research and actionable intelligence).

Even though it was an easy find for me it was a difficult find for my friend. Then again, I’m not an nurse and there is zero chance that I would ever find nursing as a reasonable career move. My friend did the right thing. She knew she had to find something and she called me. What she didn‘t do was quit.

A good researcher will not quit and will not give up. If he doesn’t find the information then he will continue to dig. He also knows how to find someone who can help him.

Of course, this applies to every day life. Sure all of us have had an economically rocky couple of years. But, you don’t quit. You keep plugging away and following that precious strategy.

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Researching at the Library of Congress

For those of you who are so privileged to have visited the Library of Congress, congratulations. For those of you who have either vacation time, time to kill or are simply curious, have you ever considered researching at the Library of Congress. It’s in DC and I’m sure you’d find the adventure rather enjoyable.

Of course for those of you who enjoy a certain type of staycation, then simply find your laptop and start the adventure there.

So, what makes the LOC so much fun? Well, there are thousands of stills (photos), maps, documents, webcasts, sheet music and manuscripts.

Some of the more famous collections include:

  • African and Middle Eastern Materials
  • Asian Materials
  • European, Iberian, Latin American and Caribbean Materials
  • Law Library
  • Rare Books and Manuscripts
  • Presidential Papers
  • Gutenberg Bible
  • American Folklife Center and Veterans History Project
  • Comic Books and Newspapers
  • Cartography
  • Scientific and Technical Information

Visit the Library of Congress website to learn more. There are also resources for kids, families, librarians, publishers, researchers, visitors and if you don’t happen to fall in any of those categories, visitors.

One of my favorites? The Veterans History Project. If you have an interest in preserving the stories of veterans, then please contact them.

You’ll be glad you did. Here are two images to enjoy.

Blue grotto, Capri Island, Italy

Orphans Going to Coney Island in Autos 1911


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Three Questions to ask for Better (and more humane) Networking

Today has been a rather fascinating day. Imagine attending a Business Broker lecture. What would you expect to see? Who would you expect to meet? Well, I met an interesting fellow who shares my passion for technology. It came about by asking personal questions that are beyond the standard questions.

Standard Questions: (Begin Yawn)

  1. What company are you with?
  2. What do you do?
  3. How long have you been in business?

The problem with this Q/A system is that these questions do not take into account the person. The questions are business centered and frankly, I want to do business with people I know. Yes, you may have a fascinating industry, but I want to move beyond the industry.

So, what are some better questions to ask?

Personal Questions: (Cue Enthusiasm)

  1. What led you into getting the real-estate industry.
  2. What do you enjoy about your current profession. Specifically, what do you enjoy about the real-estate industry?
  3. What is your biggest challenge?

Think about how you engage others. Is it personal or are you simply interested in your next lead?

Johann Lohrmann
Digital Product Manager

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Riding the Pony is not the same as Buying the Pony

There’s a Seinfeld episode where Jerry can’t imagine being friends with an immigrant with a pony. And there he was sitting across from said immigrant who had a pony.

All of this hammering away and wondering if there’s something more to this world is starting to pay off. That sends the wrong message that there’s always a pay off. No, there’s not always a pay off and sometimes an immigrant with a pony is simply that.

Anyway, please, I’m tired of reading about the latest and greatest strategy and how you want to ‘help your customer’. That’s swell. Maybe your catchphrase is ‘how to’really connect with your customer’. You’re working to put food on the table just like the rest of us. A spade is a spade, meistro.

Make your sales pitch. If I like what you are selling, I will buy the pony, the cow and your farmville on facebook. If not, oh well.

Johann Lohrmann

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