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Even the Turtles Understand the Power of Research

Mr. Turtsle understands the power of research. Do you?

Mr. Turtsle

Mr. Turtsle

Mr. Turtsle

Mr. Turtsle

Mr. Turtsle

Mr. Turtsle


Johann Lohrmann
Director of Research
Bringing Research to Life for Businesses


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Mind-Mapping and Your Job Search

I have friends out of work. Their typical approach is to look for jobs online.

As a researcher, I’d argue that is the most inefficient way of finding a job. A proactive approach is the much better approach. A proactive approach puts you in control and makes you look for solutions.

Most of us would never think of taking a vacation without some sort of plan: what time you need to get to the airport, where you’ll be staying, your vacation budget- those types of things.

But how many of us do that with our job search? I’d venture to say not a lot of us do. But, what if you did?

Mind-mapping is one way for you to map out your job search plan. Take a look at the mind-map below and think about it. Click on the image to enlarge it.

I’ve also listed some online mind-mapping tools.  Yes, they are all Mac and PC friendly.

To learn how to create amazing mind-maps, visit Mark Dykeman’s site, Mind Maps – A Beginners Guide and Example | Thoughtwrestling

To put it all together, head on over to Sean Cook’s site,

To begin using mind-mapping programs check out:

You are now officially mind-mapping ready.
Johann Lohrmann

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Creativity and Imagination – Lessons from my 6-Year Old Niece

My niece is 6 years old. She enjoys being online and enjoys playing computer games. She also enjoys playing outside and planting flowers and vegetables. A lot of us live online. We eat, sleep and spend our days on thinking about the online world. A lot of us could really use a break from staring at a computer screen.

Creativity and innovation are the tools of this decade and will be for decades to come. The most powerful muscle you have is between your ears.  Step outside and imagine where you want to be in one year.

A year ago, I decided that I needed online agency experience.  Why? I wanted to learn everything I could about the online world. My skills were good but I wanted them to be better.

I wanted to know how the online world worked. How it moved. How it breathed. A year later, I am working with some of the most amazing folks and industry insiders. I am working with a software development company. I’m also meeting those who are interested in all things virtual and online. And I built my website with my two paws.

Your imagination can carry you places but you have to dare step onto the ledge and take a chance. My niece gets this. And she’s 6 years old.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is get out of your way and let your creative genius come out from hiding.

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It’s Where You Begin

I had a terrific conversation with a stranger yesterday. I paid my 1.75$ to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. There’s a certain charm about being able to go to the movie theatre at 1.00 in the afternoon. I’m in full networking mode and have been open to talking to folks and life has changed for the better.

As I stood at the back of theatre and watched the credits roll, a woman in her fifties started talking about the film. She loved it. Her husband was flying back to the airport and she decided to take in an afternoon at the cinema. We had a terrific twenty-minute conversation about morals, ethics, the notion of age and how age has little to deal with learning. It all started from a simple comment: she liked the film.

In research you have a starting point. My recommendation to my clients is to start with what you know. If you know there is a film festival that will take place in your city, don’t call the theaters looking for the festival. Google the name of the city with the words film festival.

If you wanted to find the film festival that will happen in Atlanta, then Google Atlanta Film Festival. (Hint: Take a subject such as cancer and then type in the name of your city + cancer and look at the differences in results. Apply this to your other hunts and you will see quality results).

The best starting points are those that are simple. Turns out the best research can start from being curious and asking a question.

Johann Lohrmann

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