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Plan or Fail. Your Choice.

A part of planning is research. Or research involves planning. I also keep another blog, The Business Analysis Corner. That’s my main blog. I wrote about the importance of planning.

Mind you, I’m a huge World War II buff. Even produced a documentary for PBS affiliate on World War II. Planning and research walk down similar paths. You have to plan your research and research your plan.

Know what works and what doesn’t. Start with a list and go from there.

Johann Lohrmann

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Beyond Smoke & Mirrors

Video is your voice to the world. Think about it. Would you rather read a bunch of boring copy or watch a video? What does your audience want? Adding video forces you to step up your game. Frankly, if I am a client and a company says, ‘yes we do video’ I want to see their video work. Otherwise, it’s all just smoke and mirrors. It’s called Show & Tell.

Check out Noodlehead Studios.

Johann Lohrmann

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